Welcome to the....

"Me, Myself, An I"

Calendar page for ...

 December - The End

"And in the end, the love you take,.... is equal to the love....you make"

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Thank you Everyone for all your support through the years!!



Every Night Is....

            "OPEN Mike"

We have 2 Microphones so,... YOU CAN SING TOO!!

And  it's always "Request Night!"  

With over 300 songs to pick from... click here to see song list

I play a BIG variety from...

 Frank Sinatra to The B52's - The Beatles to Tone Loc 

Also, sing alongs - T.V. themes & Comedy songs.



I Have been recording songs for years so we have a FULL band sound... Without the FULL Band volume.... so, you can talk, sing, and dance.

We also have 2 tambourine's,  a Maraca,

And 1 A-Fuche -Cabasa's

That you can play...  Either standing up at a microphone,

Sitting at your table, or ...... on the dance floor.



I  just like Everyone to have FUN, DANCE,& SING.

Mingle with friends and meet NEW ones.

 I hope you can come down soon and have FUN!!

  Looking forward to see you.